Get to know our Gen.3 pre18ners!

The DemoEvent for our third cohort approaches and we want you to get to know them! Check out their first pitches and reach out if you want to connect with one of the companies!

Tune in for their final pitches on February 17th and 18th.

Pre18 grid
Pre18 grid

What happens in the event?


2 days of local companies pitching

The event will be divided into two mornings so that our pre18ners can have all of your attention. During that time, you’ll be able to ask questions live! Also, there will be English to Spanish and Spanish to English interpretation.



If you want to reach out to any of our participants, the team will make it happen.


Prizes for our pre18ners

You will be able to vote for your favorite on both days.

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Our Startups

9 Millones
Media and Communications Gen.3

9 Millones is a media platform that provides data-driven, solution-based stories for the nine million Puerto Ricans around the world. We contextualize data through humanizing narratives and original visualizations.

A Medias LLC
Design, E-Commerce Gen.3

A Medias is a stylish, high-quality socks brand designed in Puerto Rico. We focus on developing creative partnerships with local artists and public figures to offer a unique and original product.

Join our community of artsy sock lovers at

Arrecife Beachwear
E-Commerce, Fashion Gen.3

Arrecife Beachwear offers top quality, ethically handmade swimwear with unique, bright, and trendy designs that allow people to express their personality and surround themselves with a fantastic vibe.

Publishing, Travel Gen.3

We create tools and publications for digital nomads and business travelers. With more than 1 billion remote workers expected by 2035, we’re helping them transition to their next destination today.

Are you a stakeholder in our ecosystem? Do you provide a product or service for founders and business owners? Do you have a fan base or users we can distribute our content to? If you said “YES!” to any of these three, let’s touch BASED.

Automotive, Road Safety, Web App Gen.3

BOON streamlines the process of buying car parts and accessories. We connect users with local auto parts stores in real-time so they get the parts they need based on their budget, while empowering the local auto part store with the right technological tools to get online exposure and meet the demands of their customers.

BOON wishes to connect with the entire local automotive industry scene. We seek to enhance the service area of this vital industry. That is why we would like to contact investors to expand into the US market.

Cacao 360 (Semila)
E-Commerce, Food & Beverage Gen.3

Cacao 360 offers choco lovers the experience of enjoying real chocolate made using fine cocoa mixed with exotic notes of the Caribbean to get an exquisite flavor. Our company uses environmentally-friendly practices.

Cacao 360 wants to connect with entities that traditionally give their employees and best clients unique details and that are interested in providing social development. On the other hand, we want to meet with possible allies to create operational systems and strategies to build a connection between Cacao 360 and its cocoa suppliers.

Podcasting Gen.3

Caproni is a delightful podcast publishing platform designed for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and companies looking to grow their brand. The easiest way to publish, grow and monetize your shows.

Caproni is seeking to help companies grow their brand and attract leads via audio. Contact us and we will help you start a podcast or grow your existing shows. We also seek to provide recurring revenue to influencers. If your followers are into podcasting, contact us to be part of our affiliate program. Earn a 25% commission for each of your fans that becomes a paid Caproni customer.

Healthcare Gen.3

Corewell’s mission is to elevate humanity’s consciousness. Our telemedicine platform enables us to provide in-home psychedelic therapy to the 17 million U.S. adults suffering from depression.

Corewell is raising US $1.5M from mission-aligned angels to build more scalable technology and expand our impact nationwide.

Data Analytics, Healthcare Gen.3

CRANEeH is a patient engagement application and telehealth service (SaaS). CRANEeH reduces the cost of delivery, improves the quality of service, and assists clinicians to make better patient treatment decisions.

CRANEeH is looking to connect with a potential cardiologist that can refer patients to our pilot recovery program. It will be great to connect with a potential investor willing to support the health homecare technology.

E-Commerce Gen.3

Cuela is an e-commerce platform that works as a direct link between artisan coffee brands in Puerto Rico with the local market and the Puerto Rican diaspora in the United States to expose, promote, and sell our variety of brands.

Possible Financial Mentor

Don Rifa LLC
Mobile App, Web App Gen.3

In Don Rifa we gave the traditional raffle a digital revamp. In this way, businesses, organizations, or individuals can create an alternative source of income. Participants can track what is happening with their contribution and find out if they won or who did. Reach broader audiences, increase sales opportunities without being limited by the number of printed raffle stubs.

1) Contacts to start exporting to Mexico and the Dominican Republic. 2) Assistance in reaching companies such as Econo, Wal-Mart, Walgreens. These companies can use our technology to make their giveaways. 3) We are looking to connect with investors in and out of Puerto Rico.

Equal Love
Beauty/Cosmetics Gen.3

Equal Love is a genderless collection of natural products that aims to show that beauty is wonderfully diverse.

Equal Love is looking for potential clients and new sales channels. We are also interested in partnering with wholesale sales channels in Puerto Rico, the US, and the world! Visit to receive 20% OFF your first purchase with the code PRE18LOVE. (valid until February 20th)

Marketplace, Mobile App Gen.3

We facilitate the delicate process of looking for humane and professional carers for family and loved ones in our accessible, at a click, marketplace.

We are looking for US $2M investment from funds in the healthcare landscape who are passionate about making meaningful care accessible and want to be part of Evocare’s global growth.

Consumer Software Gen.3

Price comparison for photography gear. Check prices in one click!

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter!

E-Commerce Gen.3

Where you buy and sell the best vintage from around the world.

Genzier is raising US $1.3M to promote sustainable growth, scale our platform’s reach internationally, hire local talent, onboard international vintage shops, and have the resoruces to develop, test and launch new features for 10x growth in 2021.

Marketplace Gen.3

Provider-booking marketplace working simultaneously on two apps. One allows providers to list their skills/services, while the other enables customers to book them for on-demand delivery to wherever in Puerto Rico. HALLO augments the way you book providers with more efficiency, transparency, and certainty.

Hallo is raising US $2.5M to scale our platform island wide, hit key KPIs, create jobs, promote the gig economy in Puerto Rico, and expand to look alike markets regionally, throughout Latin America, and the US within the next 5 years.

We are looking to connect with investors locally and outside of Puerto Rico.

We are always looking for awesome helpers to add to our growing helper-doer community. (

Check out the customer app. (

Little Things
Manufacture Gen.3

We design and manufacture custom children’s furniture and decor for parents who want more options to create their kids’ dream room.

We are raising $500k to increase our production capacity.

Live Bana LLC
E-Commerce Gen.3

Bana is a community that connects consumers with an online educational and marketing network of sustainable living products, experiences and services.

Löfte Natural Care
Beauty/Cosmetics Gen.3

Löfte Natural Care is a line of entirely natural, and free of harsh chemicals, personal care products that benefit your skin.

We are looking for connections for new points of sales inside and outside of Puerto Rico.

Maranta Power
Beauty/Cosmetics, E-Commerce Gen.3

Maranta Power supports and guides women in caring for their natural hair with high-quality products. Our product line enhances natural beauty by promoting inclusion and self-esteem.

Maranta Power wants you to think of someone who could benefit from The Maranta Power Movement and gift them this vip code for a discount on their first order and a free link to be part of our community for continuous education and self-care tips.

Materia Madura
E-Commerce, Product Design Gen.3

Materia Madura is a sustainable materials design company. We create everyday products using waste-based materials that are functional, durable, non-toxic, and locally sourced, directly reducing food and agriculture waste.

Materia Madura is looking for potential clients, connections, collaborators, and/or partners. We are also interested in partnering with different local and global sales channels for our products’ wholesale.

Business Services Gen.3

Paperwork is an online platform that provides tools and resources that allow users to work the permits process for their business by themselves.

Do you know someone trying to get their permits without the hassle? Are you a Business Owner, Compliance Officer, or are in charge of your organization’s Permits Process? Reach out to us!

Patria Tours LLC
Tourism Gen.3

Patria Tours Virtual Experiences are the preferred educational resource of innovative educators that want to engage students in extracurricular activities. Our virtual reality technology and extensive knowledge allow students to explore and learn about Puerto Rico’s most important historical, cultural and natural sites resulting in a virtual educational experience beyond a field trip.

Expand our client base in the US market. Build the administrative structure and marketing strategy for offering in-person educational experiences. Contacts in the insurance industry to get coverage for our in-person experiences.

Beauty/Cosmetics Gen.3

Pintá is a gel polish brand that provides a self-care experience while doing a manicure at the comfort of your home. Our products are certified by The Leaping Bunny Association as vegan and cruelty-free.

Pintá is looking for personal care manufacturing partners to create new and innovative products. So if you are interested in partnering or may know a company that might be, be sure to send them our way. We are always open to new business opportunities.

Visit us at and receive 10% OFF your first purchase using code: pre18

E-Commerce Gen.3

For pets guardians who want to keep their beloved pets protected, POLTAGS is an application that allows users to register their pet’s information, publish, share, and recover their pets if they become missing. Any Poltags product comes with a QR code or microchip for quick identification allowing finders to contact guardians immediately.

Poltags is seeking for partnerships, collaboration and investors to expand our line of smart pets products and distribution across USA.

Business Services Gen.3

Pryze limits unwanted employee cell phone use at work by motivating employees with rewards.

Pryze is seeking a US $500K investment with a strategic investor who will also have connections to potential clients in different industries.

E-Commerce, Healthcare Gen.3

Recovery+ creates & markets surgeon-made, research-backed, targeted nutritional supplements. It provides the most complete nutritional formulation for those recovering from medical procedures, accelerating wound healing and improving quality-of-life.

Recovery+ is looking to create an advisory board to inform its decision-making process and strategy as it continues to grow in Puerto Rico and expand into the mainland. We would like advice and guidance in structuring the board as well as in identifying the right individuals to compose it.

Environmental Services Gen.3

Remora provides long-term, cost-effective water filtration devices and technologies for sustainable, decentralized, eco-friendly living for residential, commercial, or industrial use.

Are you in charge of the operations/facilities decisions in your company? Are you in charge of your social corporate responsibility program? Contact us!

Food & Beverage Gen.3 is the largest online rum community in the world, with 1 million users across +230 countries. Brands get a direct line to consumers, while members enjoy +100K reviews, quarterly tasting kits, virtual tastings, and more.

RumRatings is seeking US $50K to expand our platform to Whiskey, Wine, Gin, Tequila, etc. Once built, our platform will auto-populate and self-update itself with all alcohol categories. Our network of retailers and distributors can already fulfill any alcoholic product for these new verticals.

Salón Boricua
Design, E-Commerce Gen.3

For people who feel pride and want to represent their identity. Salón Boricua is a creative workshop of original designs and art pieces inspired by our Puerto Rican history and culture.

Shop online at

Seed Law
Legal Services Gen.3

Seed Law is the first one-stop virtual legal shop for Hispanic entrepreneurs.

Are you an agency, consultant, or professional that provides services for entrepreneurs? Want to make extra money? Seed Law is looking to partner with other businesses to help their clients with their legal needs.

Healthcare Gen.3

TALE+ (Therapists and Language Experts) is a platform that offers multilingual speech-language pathology services.

1) TALE+ is seeking bilingual (Spanish-English) speech-language pathologists. Do you know any that would be interested in connecting with an innovative, Puerto Rico-based company? Please connect us with them to continue growing our team. 2) TALE+ is also seeking connections to teletherapy/telemedicine organizations in Puerto Rico and the US to meet potential partners and continue adding to our list of patients to increase appointments.

Data Analytics Gen.3

For Climate Scientists, Urban Planners and Communities, terraFirma is your one stop digital platform for environmental insights. Powered by AI, Big Data, and Physics Simulations, we help to accelerate environmental mitigation efforts in real-time.

terraFirma is looking to partner with environmental conservationists, professionals in the construction industry, and municipalities involved in efforts to protect their communities and natural resources from environmental hazards.

VeoVeo Studios
Gaming, SaaS Gen.3

VeoVeo helps connect people with Virtual Reality games and entertainment. We build software for VR Sports tournaments, corporate events, and non-profit organizations’ fundraisers.

VeoVeo is looking for clients, partnerships, and collaborations with groups that want to integrate VR in their organization. We will be starting our VR headset rental service in March.

Vestigium Environmental Environmental Group
Environmental Services Gen.3

We are an environmental engineering company focused on developing biotechnologies as our sustainable wastewater management system called Bio-gardens. We use nature and all its components as our inspiration.

Seeking meetings with government committees in the environmental area and nonprofit entities that work with low-income communities.

Home Goods Gen.3

VITAL is a brand of practical + zero-waste home essentials and accessories on a mission to mainstream green.

VITAL’s mission –to “mainstream green” as quickly as possible– is ambitious and impossible to achieve by ourselves. We’re looking forward to connecting with potential retail, corporate, community, and financial partners who share our sustainable vision for Puerto Rico and beyond.

E-Commerce Gen.3

VitaRx provides customized daily vitamin packs sent directly to the consumer on a subscription basis.

Any connections that can help with automation or managing our packaging and shipping warehouse would be appreciated; this could be in terms of making sure we meet FDA regulations or just best practices in terms of hiring and training employees at the facility. Any feedback of our current website would also be welcomed.

Vive La Van Inc.
Tourism Gen.3

An innovative sightseeing concept, Vive La Van brings a whole experience to the road with comfort, convenience, functionality, and beauty. Make the most out of your trip with us.

We are seeking a US $300K investment with a strategic investor to complete the first stage of Vive La Van.

Marketplace, Tourism Gen.3

Zeerez is a peer-to-peer boat rental marketplace for people who want to go on boating adventures. We connect boat owners with renters in a safe and easy-to-use web app.

Let us help you book the boating adventure that you deserve. We are also looking forward to meeting possible partners, advisors, or people with industry knowledge that are interested in creating the biggest boat rental marketplace in the Caribbean.


About pre18

Our local pre-acceleration program focused on helping innovative, early-stage Puerto Rican startups that have global potential, to get to market. We are closing the funding and education gap that allows them to focus full-time on their new business and dream big.

About parallel18

Parallel18 is a top-level, performance-driven international startup program with a social mission: offering entrepreneurs from all over the world access to high-quality business training, funding, and networks to help them scale globally while working to position Puerto Rico as a unique hub for innovative businesses and technology.

About the Puerto Rico Science, Technology, and Research Trust

As described in Public Law 214, it is a non-profit organization created in 2004 to promote the participation and creation of jobs on the Island in the global knowledge economy by promoting investment and financing of research and development of science and technology. It invests, facilitates and develops the capacities that continuously advance the economy of Puerto Rico and the well-being of its citizens, through companies based on innovation, science and technology and its industrial base. With the goal that by 2022, Puerto Rico will be a center of global recognition that develops and retains scientists, companies and entrepreneurs of world excellence, to boost our competitiveness and creativity. She is also responsible for Puerto Rico’s public policy for science, technology, research and development, and public health. For more information:



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